- 7 nights / 8 days
- Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
- Choose 2 adventure activities
  * Rafting
  * Canyoning
  * Maromas
  * Horse-back Riding

- Airport Transfers
(Santiago, Dominican Republic)

US$ 625.00 per Person incl. Tax


- Rancho Baiguate and surrounding


Name: La Joya
Kindergarten: 20 students
First grade: 24 students
Second grade: 14 students
Third grade: 26 students
Fourth grade: 23 students
Fifth grade: 17 students

Separated into morning and afternoon classes.


  Teaching the children the importance and uniqueness
    of Jarabacoa and why they should preserve it
  Composting (for the older children)
    Can be beneficial because they can create their
    own micro-industry
  Compost Bin (the younger kids)
    Designing/painting a bin to keep the compost that
    their older peers made
  Compost hunt- for things to place into the bin
  Teach about the water cycle
  Create a school garden
  Flower press cards
  Classroom decorations using recycled material
  Local trash hunt
  Handprint wreath


  Make children aware of the importance of preserving
    their environment
  Inform them of the unique resources Jarabacoa has to offer
  Interact with the students and the Dominican community
  Have fun!.

Baiguate GREEN:

Our mission is to foster ecological awareness in the children of Escuela La Joya by implementing an environmental education course into their curriculum through arts and crafts, community outreach, and various other activities. Jarabacoa is in the Midwest region of the Dominican Republic and has a temperate climate year- round. This beautiful countryside offers mountain fresh air, tall pines, huge waterfalls and many river rapids. It is home to Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean, at 10,128 feet. The locals are kind, spirited, and humble- always willing to lend a helping hand.